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8/10/20 Let's Prepare for a Challenging Winter

Rural Wisconsinites Should Band Together to Stay Strong

  • Residents have a sense of unease because of changes to our social, business and work lives.

  • We should increase caution as the virus spreads in upcoming winter months, and follow the advice of our local health care professionals.

  • We need to support our local businesses in this challenging economic time.

  • We should be asking more out of our legislature, which has been on a 4-month vacation.

  • We need to practice patience and understanding with our neighbors, no matter their political party or viewpoint on masks.

7/16/20 Shaun Murphy-Lopez Outraises Incumbent Travis Tranel

Murphy-Lopez has three times as many donors as Tranel

  • Shaun outraised Representative Travis Tranel by 50% in the first half of 2020 in the race for State Assembly District 49.

  • Shaun is overwhelmed by the level of support and commitment of small donors who have stepped up since May.

  • Shaun received donations from three times as many donors in May and June compared to the number of donors who gave to Tranel between January and June.

  • The average size donation to Shaun was $75, in contrast to $175 for Tranel.

  • Shaun's campaign is growing and fueled by small donors who are supporting everyday working people, farmers, and small business owners.


6/29/20 What Does the Wisconsin State Legislature Do?

We need them to deliver results for rural Wisconsin

  • The Wisconsin Constitution gives legislators the authority to pass laws, tax and spend the revenues.

  • If you vote for Shaun instead of the current Republican majority, you will get a better return on your investment.

  • Shaun will advocate for solutions that solve the problems we are experiencing with small farms, schools and towns.

  • Shaun will hit the ground running because he knows how to make government work, using his experience on the Richland County Board.

  • Consider your choices in November: on the one hand there is Shaun's plan to increase the number of small farms, school enrollment and small business activity. On the other hand, there is Representative Tranel's voting record of continued concentration of farms, schools and multi-national corporations.

6/3/20 Rural Wisconsin Deserves More Legislative Action

Small farmers, towns and schools are hanging in the balance


  • The legislature is helping large livestock operations get bigger, as illustrated by their recent attempt to expedite the permitting process for large livestock farms.

  • Shaun will support programs that put more money in the pockets of small farmers.


  • The legislature has focused on providing benefits to wealthy investors through the manufacturing tax credit.

  • Shaun will support tax credits that put more money in the pockets of rural residents.


  • The legislature has focused only on a Band-Aid solution to address dropping school enrollment.

  • To increase school enrollment, we must create more economic activity, which will improve our quality of life and attract more young families to rural Wisconsin.

5/17/20 Shaun Murphy-Lopez Announces His Candidacy

He's running for Wisconsin Assembly in District 49

  • Shaun chose Yuba to declare his candidacy because it represents the pride and hope he feels for rural Wisconsin.

  • He will give 100% everyday to work for rural communities – advocating for reversing decades of losses in farms, school enrollment, and population.

  • Shaun understands rural challenges because his parents owned a cattle and hog operation outside Newell, IA (where he was born and raised), which they lost to bankruptcy in the 1980’s farm crisis.

  • He and his husband moved to rural Richland County in 2014, attracted by the diversity of small farms.

  • Shaun says, “I will channel positive energy into the capitol on behalf of hardworking, rural people. On Election Day in November, we’re going to begin revitalizing rural Wisconsin.”

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