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"Shaun will truly serve all the people in the district. He will be an ethical and and objective representative."

 - Shirley Bowden, City of Platteville


"As a County Board Supervisor, Shaun truly understand the unique opportunities and challenges our region faces. He will be a strong champion for Southwest Wisconsin."

 - Melissa Burke, former Richland County Board Supervisor

"As a Richland County Supervisor, Shaun was there to help me when a cell tower project was proposed out my back door. Though my community was not able to stop the tower due to unfair state cell tower citing laws, I was impressed with his level of concern and diligence as my representative."

 - Juliee De La Terre, Town of Bloom

"Shaun understands the issues facing rural Southwest Wisconsin; declining public school enrollment, disappearing family farms, crumbling infrastructure, struggling downtowns and inadequate broadband. We know Shaun will work hard on these issues and hold himself accountable to get results for the 49th."

 - Charlie & Deb Draheim, Town of Harrison

"Shaun will truly represent the concerns of Southwest WI and listen to the people in the district, rather than blindly following party leadership. As a teacher, I especially appreciate his concern for rural school districts."

 - Rebecca Gottlieb, City of Platteville

"Shaun has been involved with local government for years. He is a middle of the road guy, and the kind of person you would be happy to call your friend, ally, and representative."

 - Chad Henneman, Formerly City of Boscobel

"Talking with him and knowing where he stands, I fully endorse Shaun Murphy-Lopez, knowing he will fight for working people of Wisconsin."

 - Frank King, City of Platteville

"If you are a rural citizen, middle class, average hard working American, this is one person I 100% stand behind. He represents Yuba very well and has done wonderful things for our community."

 - Joni Klinge-West, Yuba First Responders Training Officer

"I look forward to Shaun representing the genuine interests of SW Wisconsin . . .We deserve far better than corporate giveaways . . ."

 - Shayne LaBudda, Lancaster City Council President

"If you want common sense, then Shaun is your choice. He is also community-minded and has increased government transparency as a Richland County Board Supervisor."

 - Mary Miller, Retired Nurse, Town of Bloom

"What impresses me the most about Shaun is that he is humble. He doesn't need to showboat. He listens and thoughtfully answers questions. That is what Wisconsin and the 49th needs now."

 - Mary Peterson-Smith, Town of Sylvan

 "When we first met Shaun we were struck by his enthusiasm and sincerity as we discussed issues facing our rural district.  As we’ve grown to know him better we’ve been equally impressed with (his) thoughtfulness and intellect . . . " 

Dave & Donna Swanson, Town of Harrison

"Shaun is conscientious, disciplined, and forward looking. Reach out to support him as he seeks to make a positive difference in this long overlooked corner of the state."

 - Lee Van Landuyt, Richland County Board Supervisor

"We endorse Shaun Murphy-Lopez for the 49th District seat of the Wisconsin State Assembly.  We know if he is elected, he will have the interests of all the citizens of Southwest Wisconsin in mind when he votes for legislative initiatives.  He will work for farmers, working people, and all small business owners.  Our rural towns and schools also need a loud voice in legislative discussions and decisions.
Please vote for and support Shaun Murphy-Lopez on November 3rd!"

 - Gary and Barb Hazen, Cuba City

Elected Officials

Bob Bellman - Former Richland County Board Supervisor

Marty Brewer - Richland County Board Chair

Rita Buchholz - Lafayette County Board of Supervisors

Steve Carrow - Richland County Board of Supervisors

Linda Gentes - Richland County Board of Supervisors

Jeanetta Kirkpatrick - Former Richland County Board Chair

Denise LaBudda - Lancaster School Board

Shayne LaBudda, Lancaster City Council President

Melissa Luck - Richland County Board of Supervisors

Gary McCrea - Benton Village Board President

Richard McKee - Richland County Board of Supervisors

Van Nelson - Richland County Board of Supervisors

Curt Parr - La Farge School Board

Don Pluemer - Montfort Village Board of Trustees

Don Seep - Richland County Board of Supervisors

Lee Van Landuyt, Richland County Board Supervisor

Brian Wallschlaeger, Viola Village Board of Trustees

District 49 Residents

Hannah Adalance, City of Platteville

Marilyn & Ed AebersoldCity of Platteville

Larry & Cindy Albrecht, City of Fennimore

Butch and Cheryl Austin,  Town of Ellenboro

Carol Beals, 2012 candidate for WI State Assembly, City of Platteville

John Beinborn, City of Cuba City

Dr. Gloria BelkenTown of Montfort

Rob Bell - City of Lancaster

Jesse Bennett, 2016 candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly, Town of Wyalusing

Mary Bergs and Scott Cruse, Village of Benton

Linda & Dale Bernhardt, City of Platteville

John Bohlman, City of Boscobel

Edwin Boneske, City of Platteville

Kent Borcherding, Town of Hazel Green

Joyce Bos, City of Platteville

Larry & Shirley Bowden, City of Platteville

Tud Bowden, City of Cuba City

Rosalyn Broussard, City of Platteville

Brian Brown, City of Platteville

Melissa Burke, former Richland County Board Supervisor

Theresa Caccia, Village of Dickeyville

Dave Carnahan, City of Platteville

Ellen Carnahan, City of Platteville

Kathy CookeTown of Dayton

Heather Copus, City of Fennimore

Mary CrappCity of Cuba City

Eugene & Amanda Cooper, City of Platteville

Elda Deets, Town of Bloom City

Juliee De La Terre, Town of Bloom

Kate Demerse & Adam Rubach, City of Platteville

Rich & Emily Dhyanchand, City of Lancaster

Holly Digman, City of Cuba City

Ann DolanCity of Lancaster

Lou Anna Domann, City of Platteville

Ian Dreger, City of Cuba City

Linda Dressler, Village of Dickeyille

Charlie & Deb DraheimCity of Platteville

Karla Eagan-DailyCity of Platteville

Katrina Edge, City of Fennimore

David Ebbert, Village of Viola

Joe Entwisle, Village of Bagley

Sheri Erdmann, Village of Rewey

Sura Faraj, Village of Viola

Kelly & Don Francis, City of Platteville

Dwight & Mary Frear, Town of Harrison

Robin Fuller, City of Lancaster

Rebecca Gottlieb, City of Platteville

Phil Garthwaite, Wisconsin Assembly District 49 Representative (2006-2010), Village of Dickeyville

Ron & Heidi Haas, Village of Livingston

Mike and Kelly Jo Hadfield, City of Platteville

Colleen Halverson, City of Richland Center, 

Michael Harding, City of Lancaster,

Steve Harris, Town of Jamestown

Gary & Barb Hazen, City of Cuba City

Chad Henneman, 2014 candidate for WI Assembly, formerly City of Boscobel

Lydia Horne, City of Platteville

Jack Ingersoll Town of Forest

Jennifer Jackson, Village of Cassville

Darrell & Stacy Davis Kieler, Village of Cassville

Frank King, City of Platteville

Rea Kirk, City of Platteville

Nick & Erin Klaas, City of Lancaster

Sharon Klavins & Scott Whitney, City of Platteville

John & Llala Klein, Town of Hazel Green

Jake Klein, Village of Cassville

Joni Klinge-West, Village of Yuba

Harry Kronick, City of Platteville

Grace Kronick, City of Platteville

Sam Kronick, City of Platteville 

Connie LaBarbera, Town of Benton

Tom Lindahl, City of Platteville

Carrie Linder, Village of Bagley

Missy Lipska, City of Platteville

Bev Mattingly, City of Lancaster

Colleen McCabeCity of Platteville

Linda McCarthy, City of Platteville

Heidi & Bill McBeth, Town of Lima

Tony & Rachel McFall, City of Platteville

Mary Melcher Smith, City of Lancaster

Mary & LaVerne Miller, Town of Bloom

Rebecca Miller, Village of Blue River

David Millsap, City of Platteville

Angie & Bill Mitchell, Town of Ellenboro, 

Georgia Mommaerts, Town of Bloom

Mike Mooney, 2018 candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly, City of Platteville

Sara Mooney, City of Platteville 

Aaron Murphy-Lopez, Town of Bloom

Madge Neuheisel, City of Platteville

Steve Obershaw, City of Platteville

Lydia Oakleaf, City of Platteville

Royal and Tony Palmer, City of Platteville

Mary Peterson-Smith, Town of Sylvan

Chuck Piper, Village of Montfort

Patsy Pippin, Town of Boscobel

Dave Puig, Town of Forest

Feliciana Puig, Town of Forest

Andy & Alisha Richard, City of Lancaster

Nancy Ripley, City of  Lancaster

Nora Roughen-Schmidt, Town of Sylvan

Richard & Karen RundellCity of Platteville

Dave Schmitt, Town of Bloom

Mary Ann Schultz, City of Platteville

Amy Seeboth-Wilson, City of Platteville

Ole Seim, Town of Boscobel

Ellen & Tom Shinko, City of Platteville, 

Mary Ann ShultzCity of Platteville

Lydia SigwarthCity of Platteville

Raymond Smith, Town of Sylvan

Brandon Snyder, Town of Jamestown

Andrew & Jessica Spayde, Village of Blue River

John & Kelly Sponsler, City of Platteville

Raymond Spoto, City of Platteville

Frank Steck, City of Platteville

Melissa Stoner, City of Platteville

John & Sue Strickler, City of Platteville

Ruth Ann Summers, City of Cuba City

Dave & Donna Swanson, Town of Harrison

Joyce Thompson, Town of Boscobel

Tyler & Betsy Tollefson, City of Platteville

Myron & Sheila TranelCity of Platteville

Micki Uppena, City of Lancaster

JoAnne Uthe-Gibson, Village of Hazel Green

David Van Buren, City of Platteville

Mary VanDeHey, City of Lancaster

Mary (Biddie) Webb - Village of Akan

Lara Wells, City of Platteville

Laura Wendorff, City of Platteville

Christopher WilsonCity of Platteville

Dawn Zaluski, City of Fennimore

Matt & Kim Zielinski, City of Platteville


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