Our Vision for Rural Wisconsin

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Small Farms

  • Reverse the decline in the number of small farms

  • Level the playing field between small farmers and mega-corporations/co-ops

  • Increase the share that farmers receive from consumers 

  • Guarantee equitable health care for farmers

  • Return to pasture-based agriculture

  • Incentivize production of quality, not quantity

  • Pursue fair trade opportunities

  • Encourage entrepreneurship and local control over markets    

  • Improve the safety of drinking water for rural residents 

  • Provide new opportunities for farmers to become wind and solar electricity producers

  • Use understanding and compassion to solve legal challenges related to migrant workers on dairy farms 

Small Schools 

  • Increase school enrollment to pre-2010 levels

  • Provide help to hardworking families for childcare and early education

  • Keep graduates in rural Southwest Wisconsin 

  • Recruit high-performing, local students to pursue teaching careers 

  • Allow school employees to have the same organizing rights as firefighters and law enforcement 

  • Elevate agriculture, civics/history, community service, environmental, fishing/hunting, and social skills curriculums 

  • Keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and improve mental health to keep our kids safe

  • Support community groups and volunteers that reduce bullying, loneliness, and trauma

  • Eliminate school consolidations 

Small Towns 

  • Reverse population decline 

  • Focus on sustainable economic development, bringing higher wages and benefits for working people 

  • Control health care and technology monopolies to reduce prices and increase wages

  • Level the playing field between small business owners and mega-retailers

  • Provide incentives for working people and retired people who invest in small towns

  • Invest more in local roads

  • Improve internet service to retain and attract residents

  • Reform government safety net programs to encourage community service, creativity, and productivity 

  • Keep seniors in their homes when possible

  • Bring state jobs from Madison to Southwest Wisconsin 

  • Find new revenue streams to keep small-town newspapers in business 

Statewide Issues 

  • Partner with Governor Evers to protect residents from coronavirus and reinvigorate our economy

  • Require the legislature to be in session on a more regular basis to solve Wisconsin's problems 

  • Join anti-corruption efforts to reduce the influence of wealthy political donors

  • Give an independent, non-partisan group the power to draw district lines to eliminate gerrymandering

  • Explore voting by mail to increase participation in elections 

  • Build up the state's cash reserves to better weather future recessions

  • Focus on having well-maintained roads

  • Increase local control for town, village, and county governments

  • Encourage landowners to improve conservation activities on private lands

  • Address Wisconsin's higher-than-average disparities between people of color and whites in employment, education, and incarceration

  • Put more money in the pockets of hardworking Wisconsinites by accepting more federal health care funding.

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