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The 49th Assembly District in Wisconsin is the furthest southwest in the state. It encompasses all of Grant County, the western half of Richland County, a corner of southwest Lafayette County, and the municipalities on the western boundary of Iowa. For a full list of cities, villages, and towns, visit our list of communities. Higher education institutions include UW-Platteville in Platteville, Southwest Tech in Fennimore, and the UW-Richland Smart Farm outside Richland Center. The district boasts the mighty Mississippi River, with Nelson Dewey State Park, the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge, and Wyalusing State Park, as well as the scenic Lower Wisconsin State Riverway

The 49th is in the famous Driftless region of the Upper Midwest. Dramatic hills and valleys fill its boundaries, with unparalleled beauty. The area has a rich mining and dairy history. The Stonefield Historic Site is in the district, which is the site of the State Agricultural Museum and Governor Nelson Dewey Home. Platteville is home to the Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums, and Cassville is the site of a ferry across the Mississippi River. Potosi has the National Brewery Museum and Dickeyville has the Grotto and Shrines



The 49th has thousands of small farms.  Between 2007 and 2017, Grant

County lost 13% (or 284) farms, and Richland County lost 29% (or 442). 

Pasture acreage is also declining. Between 1997 and 2017,  Grant County lost 26% of pastures, going from 204,500 to 152,200 acres. Richland County lost 34% of pastures, going from 77,300 to 51,000 acres. 

Meanwhile, soybean acres rose between 1997 and 2007. Grant County rose 151% from 29,600 and to 75,100 acres, while Richland County rose by 245%.

The 49th is home to 17 school districts. Since 2005, enrollment has decreased by 7%, compared to a statewide average loss of 2%. Only four districts have seen an increase in school enrollment since 2005: Kickapoo (7%), Fennimore (4%), Platteville (3%), and Cuba City (1%). 

The remaining school districts have seen losses: Highland ( -1%), River Ridge  (-3%), Lancaster (-6%), Richland (-9%), Hillsboro (-11%), Southwestern Wisconsin (-11%), La Farge (-12%), Riverdale (-12%), Boscobel (-14%), Potosi (-14%), Iowa-Grant (-15%), Benton (-28%), Cassville (-33%).

Losses in farming and school enrollment are also reflected in population loss in cities, villages, and towns. Platteville is the only city or village estimated to have gained population since the 2010 census. All other cities and villages have projected losses by the U.S. Census Bureau, with losses highest in Bloomington (-4%), Viola (-4%), and Cassville (-5%). 

On average, the 49th District's 41 townships have lost 1% of their population between 1990 and 2010. 24 townships saw population losses: Cassville (-33%), Little Grant (-33%), Glen Haven (-31%), Castle Rock (-25%), Richwood (-24%), Eagle (-15%), Boscobel (-13%), Potosi (13%), Patch Grove (-12%), Akan (-10%), Harrison (-10%), Watterstown (-9%), North Lancaster (-8%), South Lancaster (-7%), Waterloo (-7%), Bloom (-5%), Wyalusing (-5%), Jamestown (-5%), Bloomington (-4%), Liberty (-3%), Dayton (-2%), Millville (-2%), Paris (-1%), Beetown (-1%). 

Shaun believes we can turn around these losses of small farms, schools, and towns. Learn more by visiting our campaign issues page.


List of Communities in the 49th 


We're taking our campaign to every corner of the 49th. If you would like Shaun to visit with residents in your community please contact us

Grant County 

Cities and Villages 

Lafayette County 

Cities and Villages 

Richland County

Cities and Villages 

Iowa County

Cities and Villages 




  • Benton

  • Bloomington 

  • Beetown

  • Boscobel

  • Cassville

  • Castle Rock

  • Clifton

  • Ellenboro

  • Fennimore

  • Glen Haven

  • Harrison

  • Hazel Green

  • Hickory Grove

  • Jamestown

  • Liberty

  • Little Grant

  • Lima

  • Marion

  • Millville

  • Mount Hope

  • Mount Ida

  • Muscoda

  • North Lancaster

  • Paris

  • Patch Grove

  • Platteville

  • Potosi

  • Smelser

  • South Lancaster

  • Waterloo

  • Watterstown

  • Wingville

  • Woodman

  • Wyalusing

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